Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Red Eye" Red Velvet C*O*W

Tastes good and looks pretty, too! This week's C*O*W is a tender red velvet cake, that is filled with raspberry filling, topped off by a fluffy mound of traditional cream cheese frosting, a fresh raspberry and a mint leaf.

I have been wanting to try these tulip liners I ordered fron King Arthur Flour, and they worked perfectly! I have a tendancy to overfill my cupcake liners and with these, it didn't matter. Just made a taller cupcake. Nothing wrong with that! Let's see what my friends think.

What my friends said . . .

I love how you have the paper on the cupcakes. Is this parchment paper that you molded into the pan? I bet that was challenging - Carol
Delicious! I loved the raspberry filling and the presentation was amazing. Thank you! ~ Laura

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cupcake Cones C*O*W

I always wanted to make these when my son was little - and that would have been a better idea!
I baked the Funfetti cake inside and frosted them with vanilla buttercream and matching colored stars. Although these are cute, I think they are more appropriate for a kids birthday party than for adults used to getting "fancy stuff". I think I would have gotten a better response. I didn't get any positive feedback with this one.

I take that back - I did get a nice suprise this morning! Shaun shared his cupcake with his girlfriend Heather, and she took it to work at UCSD. Granted - hers was packaged differently. I used my overflow batter and bake 4 giant cupcakes. I split them, and layered them in a cup with strawberry filling and buttercream, then topped them off with another some more strawberry filling and piped a giant buttercream swirl on top. They liked it! Yippee!!! Welcome girls! Glad to have some new fans!! I'll try to get a picture of the "cuppie" to post - I think there is one left.

See you next Monday!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My new Cupcake Bank!

Cute, huh?! Now I have something official to put the C*O*W contributions in! I'll put it on my desk Monday . . .

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Seriously Sinful Caramel Nut Brownies . . .OMG!

OMG these are good! And that is no lie! Ooey, gooey, messy squares of deliciousness. Super rich, and pairs wonderfully with a tall glass of cold milk! These brownies start out with a box of german chocolate cake mix, and hide a layer of chocolate chips and melted caramel. I know - these aren't COWs, but I don't think anyone will mind. We'll see!

What my friends thought . . .

Fred - "I just finished eating my Cow. Holy crap, that was good!"
Yadi (the Birthday Girl!) said it was her favorite of them all.
Laila has decided Mondays are her favorite day of the week.
Actually, everyone who had one loved them! A COW in any form is good, I guess!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Chocolate Covered Banana C*O*W

Feel like monkeying around? Then sink your teeth into this! Today's COW is a chocolate covered banana cupcake. Moist banana cake holds a a little surprise - sweet banana filling. Piled high with chocolate frosting and sprinkled with chopped nuts and crowned with a crisp banana chip . . . you'll think you're at the county fair!