Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Red Eye" Red Velvet C*O*W

Tastes good and looks pretty, too! This week's C*O*W is a tender red velvet cake, that is filled with raspberry filling, topped off by a fluffy mound of traditional cream cheese frosting, a fresh raspberry and a mint leaf.

I have been wanting to try these tulip liners I ordered fron King Arthur Flour, and they worked perfectly! I have a tendancy to overfill my cupcake liners and with these, it didn't matter. Just made a taller cupcake. Nothing wrong with that! Let's see what my friends think.

What my friends said . . .

I love how you have the paper on the cupcakes. Is this parchment paper that you molded into the pan? I bet that was challenging - Carol
Delicious! I loved the raspberry filling and the presentation was amazing. Thank you! ~ Laura

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  1. I love these! So darn cute! I made a red velvet cake not long ago and it was terrible!!!! I'd still like to try and do one right. How did these taste?


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