Monday, December 15, 2008

Busy Weekend!

Boy, I am exhausted! I am sorta glad to be back at work - I need the rest! Haha . . just kidding!

But really, I was busy the entire weekend. I spent the first few hours on Saturday finishing up Letters from Santa, then started in on the Edible Delectables.

I managed to finish:
Chocolate and caramel dipped pretzels
White chocolate and peppermint dipped pretzels
Creme de menthe bark
Peppermint bark
White & dark chocolate dipped candy cane oreos

And the fillings for:
Chocolate chocolate cake balls
Vanilla coconut pecan cake balls
Cherry cake balls
Vanilla and triple chocolate fudge chip cake balls
Nutter Butter truffles
Oreo Mint truffles

So you know what I'll be doing on Saturday! I have a few other goodies up my sleeve, too, if time allows.
Oh, but the most fun will be trying to temper chocolate. I have a special thermometer and everything.
So wish me luck - and hopefully photos soon!

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