Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Boxacana" Cupcakes and Pecan Bars

So I haven’t uploaded anything in a loooong time . . . I’m a slacker – I accept that! I actually have been busy; I just forget to take photos!

So this last weekend, I made Pecan bars, and “Boxacana” cupcakes. What is a Boxacana cupcake, you ask? Well, actually it is a term I made up, based on my friend Maggie’s description of her recipe for her chili. She called it “Canajara” chili – a can of this and a jar of that. So, since I was lazy and used “a box a cake mix and a can a frosting” . . . Boxacana described them perfectly! But I think it may really be all in the description. Describing the cupcake as “French vanilla cake with chocolate fudge filling, caramel frosting drizzled with chocolate and sprinkled with mini chocolate chips” makes is so not sound like a Boxacana cupcake.

Then I confused everyone at work by telling them their COW was here – and to come get one while they lasted. COW = Cupcake Of the Week. Aren’t I clever?

So here is a picture of the cupcakes. I personally didn’t much care for this Duncan Hines Caramel frosting. To me it tasted like maple. A few of my tasters said the same thing, and one person asked if it was mocha.

Pecan bars were Boxa, too. I actually made them for my husband to take to his co-workers. But, after two days of him leaving them on the counter, I brought them with me to work. The picture was taken outside - that is actually sun and shade - not burned bars.

Ok, Bonus picture! I saw the new trend of these “cup” cakes and thought they were so cute! I made them in Wilton’s Jumbo Muffin pan, and layered them in plastic cups. The dome lid has a hole meant for a straw, but it worked out to be a perfect spot for a candle. I think I would use a round adhesive label to cover it otherwise.

Next week’s COW might be something with raspberry. BUT I have 3 cats, all with birthdays within a month or two of each other. Kai will be 4 year old on March 30, Bailey will Be 2 on Cinco de Mayo, and baby Halia will be 1 on May 23rd. I may end up making a cat cake instead this weekend . . . .

Sweet dreams,

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