Friday, June 4, 2010

Easy Cheese Danish

Easy Cheese Danish
These were tasty! "Easy Cheese Danish", courtesy of Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa. In half of them I added rasperry jam to the cheese filling, and the other half I added lemon curd. Hard to choose which I liked better - they were both good! They are not sweet, sticky Danish, so I think the addition of the fruit made them a little tastier than if I had follwed her original recipe, which you can find here. And, unlike a lot of the reviewers of this recipe, I had no problems with the cheese filling being too loose, and running out. Be sure you read through the reviewers comments, because you will pick up some good tips. There are a least 2 recipes for icing, if you would like to drizzle that on at the end.

This would be a fun recipe to make with kids - it is super simple. Think about sprinkling some raw surgar crystals on top the egg wash before baking, too. I meant to do that, I even had the sugar out, and then forgot! Another nice thing is you can prepare these the night before, and then bake them off in the morning if you are making these for company, or as a holiday breakfast. Give yourself that extre time to squeeze some fresh OJ!

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