Monday, June 27, 2011

Salty Peanut Brownies

Salty Peanut Brownies
After watching an episode of Anne Thornton’s “Dessert First” I wanted to give these a try.
Oh my . . . this is what I got . . .

Hard, dry brownies, with a layer of dee-licious peanut butter filling and salted peanuts, topped with a thick layer of chocolate ganache.

I did as some of the reviewers suggested and made additional ganache for the top layer. That was a good idea. And the center layer, the peanute butter buttercream was delicious! That part of the recipe is a keeper. But despite using an oven thermometer so I kenw my temperature was correct, following the recipe exactly, and even cutting down on the baking time, I ended up with a dry, icky browniew layer. About as far from "fudgey" as one could get! I think I would make these again, but use my favorite box brownie mix. It would be much taller - you certainly could not bake and make the entire product in a 9 x 13 sheet pan. Maybe that should have been the first clue that these were going to be very flat brownies. . . .
But everyone else that reviewed this recipe on the Food Network loved it (it got 5 stars), so I must have done something wrong. But what?????

I advise eating these only if you have your own teeth!
However, they do photograph well.

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