Monday, June 1, 2009

Cappuchino Chip C*O*W

This week I snagged a cupcake from a friend (you'll know who you are!), but as it should be, they pale in comparison to hers - at least in the decoration department. I do love the cupcake wrappers, though. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough to tase one, myself. That is probably a bad idea, actually - I really should try them, shouldn't I?? Oh well.
I'm calling these Hot Cha Cha Cappuchino Chip with Mocha Buttercream, from the Cupcake Doctor book. I decorated them with little chocolate fondant flowers. The fondant tastes just like Tootsie Rolls - yummy!
What my friends thought . . .
. . . Up until today, the lemon was my favorite. I'm partial to coffee flavored things and this was fantastic!
. . . Delicious. You are a super baker and a super person!

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