Sunday, May 23, 2010

Congo Bars vs Congo Bars

Congo Bars 1
The battle of the Congo Bars! So many recipes - what's a Libra to do?! Bake more than one, I guess!
Congo Bars 1 are the version found on Bakerella's site. They seem to be a cross between a Blondie with choholate chips and a chocolate chip bar cookie. But these are nice and chewy. I made her "hand mixed" version. Mine have milk chocolate chips and pecans.

Congo Bars 2 have toasted coconut, toffee chips, and semi-sweet chocolate chips. They seem to be a little more dense than Congo Bars 1. This recipe version can be found here on the Treat a Week Recipes blog.

Congo Bars 2
 So, who will reign supreme? Let the testers weigh in . . . .

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