Monday, April 27, 2009

Chocolate Wrapped C*O*W

I dropped in on my friend/decorating teacher’s class last week, Dawn, from Desserts by Dawn. They were doing a really cool cake. A chocolate wrapped cake! It looked simple enough. So I tried it, but of course hers was much better than what I ended up with. My stenciling was all smeared and terrible looking – don’t know if I’ll be trying this again!

At least the cake tasted good. I made a strawberry cake, and filled it with home made strawberry filling. It was frosted with the Hershey’s Famous Chocolate Frosting recipe that is my favorite. It was wrapped in dark chocolate stenciled with white chocolate, and then topped with chocolate covered strawberries. Sounds much more impressive than it looked. I think I will do something simple next weekend. The following weekend will be a lemon cake for Rhonda’s birthday, so I’ll rest up for that one.

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