Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Hello, Yellow!" C*O*W

"Hello, Yellow!" Something simple this week . . . going old school with the all time favorite . . . luscious yellow cake generously frosted with homemade chocolate frosting. I did manage to hide some chocolate filling inside, though! This cake was always a popular choice for the good, old fashioned birthday cake. So they say, but I don't know by who. It certainly wouldn't be my favorite. My favorite birthday cake wasn't a cake at all, actually, it was (and still is) rhubarb pie!

I have so many different styles of cupcake papers, but I find myself always using the ones I like best, the brown wrappers. But, this time I decided to pick a "fancy" style. I find when you bake directly into these designed wrappers, though, that the cake shows through and sort of ruins the design of the papers. I decided to bake these cupcakes in my basic white glassine paper liners, and set those inside of the fancy ones. Works much better!

I also tried a new pan called the "Debbie Myer Cupcake Genius". It's a typical cupcake pan, but has a frame that fits over the top and bakes a cavity into each cupcake that you can fill with any kind of filling you'd like, from candy (think a mini peanut butter cup, rolo, etc.), chocolate chips, or your usual raspberry, lemon, or chocloate type fillings. Interesting idea. I usually use a pastry bag and bismark tip to fill them, but I was never sure I was getting enough in each cupcake. This way you know what you're doing!

What my friends thought . . .

Deanne said: "There's nothing like a classic. Thank you!"


  1. Dee, everything on your site looks delicious! Thank you for your comment on my site the other day. To answer your questions... Fondant and plastic containers are the worse enemies. And I use the 1M tip, which I believe is the same as yours!

    Have a nice day,

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the Debbie Meyer cupcake genius. I tried and I absolutely love it. My son loves to bake with me and he just had a blast finding different things to put in the center of the cupcakes.

    Thanks again

  3. You're welcome! I actually just bought another one. The only thing I don't like is that if underside of the tops seem to brown too much. I think because the pan is dark? Maybe I will lower my heat.
    Have fun!

  4. Love your blog Dee! First blog I've seen so far on cupcakes, which makes it extra special to me. You sure do make some scrumptious looking cupcakes!

    I do want to alert you that your comment gadget doesn't work correctly; it takes you to the site where you copied it from. Sorry. :-( I'm sure it can be fixed, somehow.


  5. Hi Dee,

    My company is hosting a Great American Bake Sale and I would love to use this pan to make some cupcakes for it. Can you suggest any recipes using this pan. I need something that can sit out for a little while without going bad. Any suggestions you could give would be great.


  6. Well, for one thing, I sure wouldn’t use a buttercream frosting unless you are indoors, somewhere cool and air-conditioned. It tends to get “droopy” and melt, at least for me. A 7 Minute Icing might be good if you’re outdoors. It is sort of a cross between meringue and marshmallow frosting, and might be a little sturdier. But still, if it is warm I don’t think anything really lasts a long time.

    For filling them, I have heard of people using a Rolo candy (insert it while the cupcake is still warm) or chopped peanut butter cups. Use your imagination for any candy (mint patties??) Better yet – why don’t use search Google for a simple peanut butter filling and use that? You could bake chocolate cupcakes, fill with peanut butter, and frost with either peanut butter frosting sprinkled with mini chocolate chips, or the wonderful Hershey’s chocolate frosting recipe and add some chopped peanut butter cups on top (see my “You Got Peanut butter in my Chocolate” COW in the June archives). There is NO WAY those would even last long enough to worry about!

    Good luck and please share what you decide to do!



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