Monday, April 12, 2010

Cookies 'n Cream Brownies

Cookie 'n Cream Brownies
And the Great Brownie Adventure continues! This weeks selection was made by Laila, one of my 2 honorary C*O*W Club members (look for Nousha's choice next week!). A moist and chewy brownie has crumbled Oreo cookies blended throughout, an nice thick layer of cream cheese frosting, and then topped with more Oreo Cookie crumbs! I think this one's a winner!

Remember, we're voting for the favorite! So far on our adventure, we have had, in order of appearance:

Gianduia Brownies
Cream Cheese Swirl Brownies
Milk Chocolate Coconut Cookie Bars
Cookies 'n Cream Brownies

Mark your ballots!


  1. Hi! This is Nousha and let me just say that the Coconut Brownies were absolutely delicious! I actually don't like coconut, but I honestly don't believe there's anything you bake that won't taste good. And I was right!
    And the Cookies n' Cream Brownies were amazing!!! They were SO rich and just wonderful! And Laila, between chewing and swallowing, said, "I'm so happy I chose this one!" Which made me laugh, because I'm glad she did too! :)
    Thank you for the goodies each week, they are just superb! (sorry! I didn't mean for this to be so long! haha)

  2. Hi Nousha, my friend!
    I am happy that the honorary C*O*W Club members approve! These are my favorites so far. I love the frosting.
    Your pick is next week, but I haven't announced what it is - it will be a suprise, so shhhhhh!
    Thank you for the compliments and especially for leaving a comment. There is no limit, so leave all the love you want! Hope you keep enjoying the treats - I will keep sending them to you! Makes Mondays a little better, don't you think?
    Till next week . . .
    ~ Dee ~


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